Saturday, 23 March 2013

Vice fashion issue

As you may know I’m a huge fan of fashion magazines. This week I got the newest Vice fashion issue on my doormat. I like the raw fashion pics (especially this one, it makes me want to have a whole weekend doing absolutely nothing, but only chilling with the boyfriend and wearing cool clothes)

Pics of the launch are from Vice and are made by Siem van Woerkom

For the first time Vice launched their fashion magazine in my home town Rotterdam. Unfortunately I couldn’t be there (I had a tiny little accident.. something with boiling water..), but thanks to the Vice team I’ve got some cool pics of the party at Groos (a new super, super cool concept store in Rotterdam where they sell products made by designers, artists, musicians etc. from Rotterdam only).

So grab a Vice fashion magazine yourself, jump in your (fashionable) joggings and have a lovely lazy weekend!


  1. Hé, ik volg vice al een tijdje via en youtube etc.

    Wist niet dat ze een magazine gingen uitbrengen. Stoer!

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  3. Ik vind die magazines van Vice altijd zo gaaf!
    The Stylish Confessions

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